Self Portrait
Jai K. Smith
Software Engineer, Dartmouth Undergrad
New York, NY
January 2023 - Present
Thursday Night Football on Prime Video on a Macbook Pro
Forecasting stream conditions throughout the United States using neural networks, and generating fishing reports with machine learning. A playground product to try new APIs, experiment with new serverless frameworks, and keep myself learning.
October 2022 - Present
Thursday Night Football on Prime Video on a Macbook Pro
Building novel solutions that extend cutting-edge ad interactivity and targeting capabilities typically found streaming TV to live sports. Solving mind-boggling scaling challenges.
December 2020 - June 2021
Skiff collaborative editor on Macbook Air
The first fully end-to-end encrypted alternative to Google's collaboration suite. Complete with expiring links, password protection, and fine access controls, Skiff provides a privacy centric solution to collaborative document editing. The team raised a 3.7 million dollar round in 2021, led by Sequoia.
Give Essential
Spring 2020 - Summer 2020
Give Essential websites on Apple devices
An online peer-to-peer matching platform that connects essential workers to donors who have financial and household resources to share. Founded by a team of Dartmouth students during the COVID-19 pandemic, Give Essential has facilitated over $1 million in in-kind donations from all 50 states, and works with over 200 volunteers. We aim to help over 50k families by the end of 2020.
Dartmouth WiFi
Winter 2020
Wireless Tool web app on Macbook Pro
Dartmouth College is currently undergoing a multi-million dollar campus-wide upgrade to WiFi infrastructure. In order to prioritize upcoming building upgrades in high-traffic areas, Dartmouth ITC hired the DALI Lab to build a WiFi reporting tool that taps into Dartmouth’s networking data to track issues and overloaded access points. This project is in the final stages of development and is on track for a public launch in Spring 2020.
ENGS 021
Fall 2019
Fenceable product image on white background
A wearable rack to facilitate easy deployment and collection of temporary electric fencing. Management-Intensive Rotational Grazing (which uses the aforementioned fencing) is a rapidly growing practice among organic farmers in the U.S., but no products currently exist on the market to facilitate its use. This product is U.S. Patent Pending as of November 2019, expiring November 2020.
Kathmandu Living Labs
Summer 2019
Product images of Vidya App on iPhone
Produced in partnership with a local Nepali school in Kathmandu, Vidya aims to increase parent involvement in student learning, something that has been historically difficult in the area. The app allows teachers to post positive feedback on student performance in a social media feed, alongside school announcements and homework assignments, as well as facilitates one-on-one instant messaging between teachers and parents. Vidya was launched in early 2020.